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Skill Touch Multi-Game

The Skill-Touch Multi-Game offers a variety of nudge and skill based games that are very versatile and can be configured to your jurisdictional needs.


Game Cabinets

Gracie Technologies manufactures all of our gaming cabinets to ensure our customers receive the highest quality equipment. We offer machines in multiple configurations to ensure all our customers' needs are met.

Bill Validators & Printers

Our standard machine configuration uses ICT Bill Validators and a Custom TG558 printer, with all machine data tracked thru our ERP.


Enterprise Reporting and Provisioning

Gracie offers the most advanced reporting system in the industry. You will be able to access game performance and revenue information in real time, from any device, at any location, 24 hours a day thru an internet connection.


Point Of Sale (POS) Server Systems

Gracie Technologies also offers a Point Of Sale option for your locations which will give your customers the complete accountability they are looking for. The POS will track all the locations redeemed winnings and terminal cash flow for easy accounting and management reconciliation. It will also report all the location earnings to our ERP online. The POS can be configured to work with standard bill validator gaming terminals or can also be used in a cashless card swipe system.